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Welcome to the future of market research. Throughout time, market research has served as a way for organizations to gather information on their current and prospective clients, analyze this data and use it to make savvy business decisions. The rise of technology over the years has brought many advances in the field of market research including how data is collected. The need for talented individuals who can keep up with this shift in data collection is increasing and now is your chance to put your skills to good use!

FocusVision partners with Fresno State

to create the Decipher Certification Program, a unique program designed to prepare students for potential employment in the market research industry through the Decipher Software Platform. Completely web-based and self-paced, this certification course allows you to complete each section at your convenience. Explore through instructional videos and interactive assignments intended to foster a broad understanding of Decipher's capabilities.

Why get certified in Decipher?

The certificate is a great way to show companies that you are certified to use the Decipher platform. It will offer many opportunities of employments to companies already using our platform, including FocusVision. This particular certificate is vastly similar to the FocusVision new hire training. This gives you an edge when applying for survey programming positions with companies using the Decipher platform.

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