Free Training

Interested in trying your hand as a survey programmer? Not quite ready to pursue the full Decipher Programming Associate certification?

We have great news! Anyone can now gain free access to our software and training material. The free training mirrors the training program required to pass the exams and final project for the Decipher Programming Associate Certification.

After you complete these free training's you have the option to register for the Certification exams and project, which is offered at a rate of $150. Passing these are the only requirements for becoming a Decipher Programming Associate (DPA)!

Please note: Certification is not a requirement for every Decipher job opening. Check out some current listings. Apply to those positions that match your qualifications and experience!


This certificate consists of 3 main areas of focus: Overview of the Market Research Industry, Decipher Basics (UI), and Advanced Scripting.

The course is designed to be self-paced and all web-based. The study materials include some readings, video tutorials, and hands-on exercises. The topics discussed are moderately touched upon. Ensure you are taking notes and doing exercises as you follow along. Seeing is one thing, doing is another. There's a pause button, use it often. Write notes as a lot is covered.

After each section, you will be presented with an "ungraded" assignment. This for your own assessment on retention of materials.