Decipher Programming Associate (DPA)

The Decipher Programming Associate is an entry level certification program designed for those with little or no experience on the Decipher Platform. This program will help the user demonstrate an understanding of the basic knowledge required to navigate both the Decipher User Interface (UI) and the more advanced scripting techniques on the platform.

Whether you’re new to programming, or a veteran who is trying to break into the survey programming industry, becoming a Decipher Programming Associate can jumpstart your career today!

Who Should Apply

This Certification is ideal for programmers looking to improve their overall knowledge and understanding on the Decipher Platform, validate their survey programming skills, and stand out to potential employers.


To apply for DPA, you should:

  • A college degree is not necessary to complete this certification.
  • Aptitude for programming is a plus.
    • Javascript/jQuery Knowledge recommended
    • Python Knowledge recommended
  • Moderate Computer Skills
  • Typing 35+ WPM
  • 3-4 weeks time commitment for course material and exams

System Requirements

Course Organization

This certificate consists of 3 main areas of focus: Overview of the Market Research Industry, Decipher Essentials (UI), and Advanced Scripting.

The course is designed to be self-paced and all web-based. The study materials include some readings, video tutorials, and hands-on exercises. The topics discussed are moderately touched upon. Ensure you are taking notes and doing exercises as you follow along. Seeing is one thing, doing is another. There's a pause button, use it often. Write notes as a lot is covered.

As you proceed through each training series, you will be presented with an "ungraded" assignment. This for your own assessment on retention of materials.

To obtain certification you will need to complete and pass three exams and one final project. The content in the training series should prepare you for most of the test questions, however users may encounter questions that require some thinking outside of the box.

Registration Information

Course Fee: $125

To register today, please email with your name and a brief explanation expressing your interest in the course. A FocusVision representative will answer your email within 48 hours and help you complete the registration/online payment process. After you register with FocusVision, a representative from Fresno State will contact you to complete the setup process. Please allow 2-4 business days for processing.